TK’s MHMF Contest

Do you ever wish you could see My Morning Jacket, Drive by Truckers, Jimmy Cliff and The Knew all in one day? At the same place? On a beautiful Colorado summer day? Well now you can! We are all playing Day 2 of the Mile High Music Festival with all of those great bands and many more.

What’s that you say? You don’t have an extra Ben Franklin to spare for a ticket? Do not despair! The Knew will be giving a ticket away to our most dedicated fan that sends us a photo of him/her sporting a Knew tee shirt. But here’s the catch – it just can’t be any photo: only the most entertaining (read: hilarious, gross, provocative, extreme, delightful, goth, ect) photo will get the ticket. Email your picture to or post it on our Facebook wall (preferred). Contest ends on August 4th. Winner will be announced on August 5th. The party is on August 15th. Vogue!

Before It Ends test pressings

We got the test pressings in for our new 7″ and they sound even better than our Peter Schilling records.

To celebrate, we will be giving away a test pressing to whoever can tell us at least 3 of the 300 nicknames that Tim (bassist, mountie) has.  Email us at with your answers.  Don’t forget to download the tracks for free right here.

Finally, The Knew’s good friend, turntabalist, and professional ass-kicker, Tyler “Thunder” Toner, tied the knot with his sweetheart, Amy, this weekend.   Congrats, T-Boz.  Fried chicken for all!