Denver Post UMS

We’re busy this week preparing for the 10th annual Denver Post Underground Music Showcase, which runs from this Thursday through Sunday down in the South Broadway area.  Our set is on Friday night at the Hi-Dive at 10pm.

In preparation for the big event, the Denver Post has put together their annual Underground Music Poll of all local bands deserving of more mainstream attention, voted on by 60+ area music experts and enthusiasts.  We’re grateful to have made the list at #4 this year, so thanks to everyone who voted.

Here is a nice little write up appearing in yesterday’s Post for all of the bands in the Top 10, and the complete voting and results can be seen here.

Also, here is what Tim has been up to the last couple weeks:

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July weekend.  All is quiet on The Knew front for the next week or so, as Tim is on a road trip up to Jackson Hole, Montana, and Canada, and Jake is in Clear Lake, Iowa (where the music died).  Ty and I are here in Denver viewing art and lighting off fireworks, compliments of First Friday (artwork by Mike Coriano):

Hopefully you have all gotten a taste of our three new tracks from the Before It Ends 7″.  The vinyl should be available by August for those who enjoy the format as much as we do.  Photography for the new 7″ was done by our friend Jake Poehls.

Also, we owe our buds at Shompton big time for helping us update this website past 1998 web design, and for hooking up the mini fridge in our practice space.  Gracias amigos.

We’re currently working on four new songs, one written by each band member.  It’s a pretty exciting concept and fun to hear the dramatic differences between each person’s songwriting and listening preferences.  I’d anticipate this would be done by the Fall, making it our third release of 2010.

Our next show is at the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase, and they just released their schedule this week.  It’s an awesome event and a great way to see all of the fantastic bands in Denver- highly recommended.  Tickets are $30 for all four days, and go up to $40 the day of, so get them now and spend that $10 savings on cold bevs at the Hi-Dive; we play there Friday night at 10pm.