Illegal Pete’s

In an effort to support the local music scene, Illegal Pete’s downtown Denver location (16th & Blake) is currently selling our new record, Before It Ends, as well as new releases from Solar Bear, Tin Horn Prayer, Dualistics, and Adai.  To celebrate, they are throwing a listening party the evening of Wednesday, October 13th.  Feel free to join us that night around 9pm, or just grab some music the next time you stop by for a burrito.

Apparently no one uses MySpace anymore, and are instead into this Facebook thing.  “Like” our page if you so desire.

Fling Ultra Mini Tour

Our annual mini tour with The Fling was once again a success.  The weekend began with a show at the Hi-Dive in Denver on Friday night to celebrate the release of our 7-inch with fellow locals The Outfit.  We were pumped to help expose The Fling to our fans and others here in Denver, and their set went over really well (except for when their pinpoint harmonies were drowned out by all four members of The Knew trying to sing along from the crowd).  Honestly, I went to see The Fling and forgot that we even got to play that night.  Thanks to our friends who even after seeing us play in this town 20 or 30 times still come to party, crowd surf, and smash pinatas.

Saturday we made the trip up to Steamboat Springs to play the Ghost Ranch Saloon.  It was great to get some new and independent sounds up to the folks in the mountains, and the bar full of off-season locals grew warmer and more inviting as the night progressed.  We stayed up far too late (not late enough?) enjoying the town’s hospitality, cold beers, sharpies, and the cozy aura of J. Ivey’s (drums, The Fling) LA Dodger’s snuggy.

We stopped for a quick dip in the Strawberry Park Hot Springs on the way home and wished the fellows a safe trip back to Long Beach.  We encourage all of you to pick up a copy of their album When The Madhouses Appear here.  Personal favorite: track 3, “Strangers.”

Before It Ends 7-inch Release Party

Our friends The Fling from Long Beach, CA, will be in town this weekend to help us celebrate the release of our 7-inch record titled Before It Ends.  They are an incredible band and we highly recommend checking out their set.  In addition, fellow Denver band The Outfit will open up the show with some of the tastiest rock numbers in town.  Details can be seen on the poster above, and tickets can be purchased from the Hi-Dive’s website.  Albums are only $5 while they last, and can be purchased here if you can’t make the show.

Mile High Music Festival Week

We had a great time hanging out with Fake Problems at the Denver Warped Tour stop yesterday; some rad dudes.  Please, check them out.

Congratulations to Chris Fahlin for this winning entry in our MHMF ticket contest:

Chris, see you on Sunday in the Bison Tent at 1:30pm.  For those of you not making it out to the Festival, we’re playing the official Kick Off Party at the Bluebird Theater on Friday at 8:30pm.

The 7″ vinyl records for our album Before It Ends have arrived and are ready to ship.  Gets yours today.

Before It Ends test pressings

We got the test pressings in for our new 7″ and they sound even better than our Peter Schilling records.

To celebrate, we will be giving away a test pressing to whoever can tell us at least 3 of the 300 nicknames that Tim (bassist, mountie) has.  Email us at with your answers.  Don’t forget to download the tracks for free right here.

Finally, The Knew’s good friend, turntabalist, and professional ass-kicker, Tyler “Thunder” Toner, tied the knot with his sweetheart, Amy, this weekend.   Congrats, T-Boz.  Fried chicken for all!

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July weekend.  All is quiet on The Knew front for the next week or so, as Tim is on a road trip up to Jackson Hole, Montana, and Canada, and Jake is in Clear Lake, Iowa (where the music died).  Ty and I are here in Denver viewing art and lighting off fireworks, compliments of First Friday (artwork by Mike Coriano):

Hopefully you have all gotten a taste of our three new tracks from the Before It Ends 7″.  The vinyl should be available by August for those who enjoy the format as much as we do.  Photography for the new 7″ was done by our friend Jake Poehls.

Also, we owe our buds at Shompton big time for helping us update this website past 1998 web design, and for hooking up the mini fridge in our practice space.  Gracias amigos.

We’re currently working on four new songs, one written by each band member.  It’s a pretty exciting concept and fun to hear the dramatic differences between each person’s songwriting and listening preferences.  I’d anticipate this would be done by the Fall, making it our third release of 2010.

Our next show is at the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase, and they just released their schedule this week.  It’s an awesome event and a great way to see all of the fantastic bands in Denver- highly recommended.  Tickets are $30 for all four days, and go up to $40 the day of, so get them now and spend that $10 savings on cold bevs at the Hi-Dive; we play there Friday night at 10pm.